Team in Action

Donald Szegda 


  • Studied special education and school administration in the US.
  • Supervising a school with 140 multiply challenged students and 60+ staff and providing special education supervision services to other schools within the district.
  • Specialist in behavior and has provided consultation services to institutions and held numerous workshops.
  • Has prepared hundreds of sensory motor programs for families through clinics in:
    • USA
    • Belgium
    • Germany
    • Austria
    • France
    • Spain
    • Finland
  • Has been an inspiring and popular lecturer at seminars and conferences as well as to smaller groups at day care centers and schools.
  • Currently is the Chief executive Officer and President of Community Interactions Inc. ( )that provides services for over 250 adults  with intellectual disabilities.

Erja Hokkanen

  • Mother of a child with special needs
  • Optometrist and Orthoptist; with studies also in special education
  • Participated in rehabilitation, functional vision, early intervention program for visually impaired children, neuropsychology, nutrition and challenging behavior training sessions.
  • Has worked, for over 20 years, closely with hundreds of families with disabled children and professionals through association work in Finland and at clinics in Belgium and France.
  • Currently in charge of the Apua Arkeen ry organization at the Nurmijärvi resource center.

Lea Nuutinenface_lea

  • A special education teacher in Lieksa.
  • While working as the principal of the Pielinen school, implemented SeMoCo exercises in her school.
  • Is in charge of the resource center in Eastern Finland.

In addition there are a physiotherapist and a speech therapist available who can be consulted when necessary.