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Donald and JorisApua Arkeen ry is an association which provides advice to persons who in their daily life deal with children or adolescents with special needs and face challenges in behavior and learning.

Our goal is to combine and support instances in connection with the child’s development so that the children are able to reach their potential in life. The services are designed to enable individuals diagnosed as Autistic, Asperger’s syndrome, AD(H)D, Mentally Disabled, CP, Learning Disabled or Developmentally Delayed, to function as full a member of society as possible.

Our philosophy, A Holistic Approach to Quality of Life, focuses on the overall well-being of not only the individuals we support but families and professionals who support them, as well. Factors that impact human behavior and quality of life are communication, environment, wellness, having a support team and how the sensory-motor systems function. Sensory-motor issues cause abnormal or challenging behavior, learning difficulties and concentration problems. By improving the way the brain receives, processes and sends the information we improve the ability to function.

Each child is viewed as an individual. The developmental assessment results in the design of a user-friendly SeMoCo (Sensory-Motor-Cognitive)-exercise program that can be done by parents, teachers, and direct caregivers. Because of the easy implementation, the program can be done as part of daily routines at home and/or at school.

Now the book also available in English:‘How to Help Children with Sensory Dysfunctions’ by Donald Szegda and Erja Hokkanen. To order a copy in English contact

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